今度の神殿 どんな風な柱にしよかー

Historical Ornament sheet of styles used in Egyptian architecture


Ohmigosh yes.

Anónimo: Hello! I love your art and I was wondering what brushes do you use to get that lovely painterly look?


thank u

i usually use the spread brush for lines and then i mess around with the blending modes, using either brush or marker, more often the brush :B
i use low blending to blend the color in quicker with fewer strokes sometimes or when it’s in tiny spots

and i sometimes use the flat brushes that make it a bit more blocky

then it’s a bit of messing with the settings to find whats a good feel for ur brushes and whatnot
im not that good with explanations but i hope it helped somehow?? :’0


I decided to make an art (mainly digital art) masterpost with all my bookmarks since they were starting to become a huge mess. It has some other stuff too… I’m doing this for me but maybe someone finds this stuff useful too:-) xx

Art blogs
Animation blogs 
ArteyAnimacion (this one is in spanish)
Animation & CGI
The Animator’s Survival kit (link to buy the dvds)
ColorCollective (palettes)
Great Pinterest Color board
Skin Tone Swatches 1 (PS)
Skin Tone Swatches 2 (PS)
Digital Art blogs 
barryjohnson77 (he works for disney since 1990)
Digital Drawing Tutorials
“For the Rose Brid” Step-by-step (not really a tutorial but it’s good to watch other’s painting process)
A redraw with some tips
Adding details to skin
Blending tutorial
Blending Tutorial 2 (video)
Concept Cookie (site full of tutorials)
Coloring skin
Hair Palette Chart
How to draw Butts  ◕ω◕✿
How to draw Clouds
How to draw Bubbles
How to draw Eyes & Lashes
How to draw Grass
How to draw a portrait in photoshop
How to Fake Different Art Styles
Lighting (advanced / video)
Perfecting LineArt and Texture (more like a speed-painting, but the artist tells you what tools he used during the video )
Simple Underwater Tutorial
Digital Drawing brushes 
6 Brush-sets from great artits (read the description for the other 5)
Brush Sampler 1 | Brush Sampler 1 (SAI)
Copic Brushes
Skin brushes (PS 7 and up)
Great Brush-set
Traditional Art Drawing Tutorials
Composition Tips by Bill Peet
Color-zones of the face
How to draw eyes (really basic)
How to draw heels (really basic)
Lessons & Tips for Self-taught artists
Proportions of the Human Head (really basic)
Drawing Reference
Anatomy Reference blog
Figure, face & expression, animals, hands & feets
PoseManiacs (Reference for poses)
PoseManiacs Hands Viewer (For some reason the first 3 aren’t hands idk why)
Sitting poses
Understanding Anatomy part 1  (the description has the links for the part 2-7)
Youtube accounts with tutorials & speed-painting
PortraitDrawing  (Speedpainting)
Sharpie2319 (Speedpainting)
TylersArtShack (Traditional Art tutorials & tips)
Zyra333 (Traditional Art Tutorials for Fashion Illustration)
Pinterest is great for inspiration! (awesome art boards)
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Tuesday Tips SUPER WEEK - FeetI don’t often have to draw bare feet, unless I’m doing Life Drawing. When storyboarding, the focus is generally not on the feet. They also are usually covered (shoes, socks), or just not shown on screen that much. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand their functionality and general appeal. Keep details to a minimum, unless the character uses its bare feet to grasp things or do things with them most humans don’t. The best example of pushing feet to an extreme degree of functionality would be Disney’s Tarzan (one of my all time favorite). Other than that, don’t draw too much attention to them, but find appeal in its shapes.Norm